COLOMBIA – Profamilia’s challenge (but not the only one!)

Profamilia, the national family planning association, say that one of the biggest challenges they are facing is trying to convince the national pharmaceutical regulatory body to allow mifepristone to be available to the public through pharmacies, along with misoprostol. Until now, it is only available from a clinic. This is obviously a major barrier at this time, when no one is attending their clinics. They say they know they will see an enormous increase in unwanted pregnancies…and all that goes with that, but they are doing their best!!

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Infographic 2: Profa connects you: Our health professionals will give you attention in the comfort of your own home: vaccination, information on contraception, and assessment for safe pregnancy termination…

SOURCE: Message from Marta Royo, Director, ProFamilia, 21 April 2020 ; INFOGRAPHICS: Profamilia onFacebook