Christian Democrats’ attempted abortion restriction met by protests

21 March 2016 The Christian Democratic party once again met strong objections from most other parties in Parliament in Norway, after tabling a proposal requiring women to undergo a mandatory waiting period before having an abortion, supposedly to give women more time to “reflect” on their decision.There was a storm of controversy in both the media and social media over the proposal, which was immediately rejected by, among others, the Labour Party and the Socialist Left Party. Prime Minister Erna Solberg of the Conservatives opted to take some time to reflect on the proposal herself, but said just before the weekend that she agreed with the opposition: “…that we shall not do anything regarding women’s right to an abortion.”The Christian Democrats put the government in an awkward position during their first winter in office in 2014, when they unsuccessfully sought to allow doctors the right to refuse to refer women for an abortion. That led to massive protests and demonstration marches that drew tends of thousands of people.Dagrun Eriksen, who proposed the new restriction, was harshly criticised for failing to acknowledge that women already wait at least a week for an abortion in Norway, and for suggesting that they hadn’t already thought through their decision.