In September 2017, when the government of Michelle Bachelet passed theabortion bill, it was clear to everyone involved in what was a difficultprocess that there was a long road ahead for achieving our goals. At the sametime, the gains were important as regards showing some respect for women’slives and human rights. At the same time, APROFA, the Chilean Association forthe Protection of the Family, took a decision to apply for approval ofmifepristone and a change of use for misoprostol to allow medical abortionpills to become available in accord with the Technical Norms approved at thesame time as the new law.

In October 2019, APROFA received notification from the Instituto deSalud Pública that the registration for both medications had been approved.MIFEAPROFA and MISOAPROFA are now available in all the clinics approved for providingabortion services in Chile.

Débora Solís Marúnez, Executive Director of APROFA, writes that it is anhonour for them to have accomplished this step that will support sexual andreproductive health and rights in Chile.

SOURCE:, 20 November 2019(en español)