CHILE – Triple stabbing at Chile abortion rights rally sparks outcry and commitment to continue

Human rights activists and feminist groups have expressed shock and anger after hooded attackers tried to stop the march and attacked three women at a huge rally in support of safe, legal abortion on 25 July in Santiago. One of the women was wounded in the abdomen and two others in the legs. A policeman was also hurt in the incident. “With the huge power and size that the feminist movement is reaching,” says the Telesur TV video report, “machista right groups are counter-attacking and there is a concerning trend of violence against pro-choice activists.” And not for the first time.

“The protest began festive, but we felt the mood turn when we heard that a group of extremists had put up barricades and scattered animal guts on the ground,” said Antonia Orellana, a member of the Chilean Network Against Violence Toward Women and the leftwing Frente Amplio party.

In a video by Telesur TV, one leader said: “Whenever something like this happens, our response is to get stronger, to keep fighting for our rights, and not allow fascist actions that do not represent a democratic state to intimidate us in our legitimate fight for something as basic as our right to life.

SOURCE: Telesur TV video in English, 27 July 2018 ; Guardian, by Charis McGowan, 29 July 2018