CHILE – Gynuity collaborates with the National Abortion Federation and Chilean Ministry of Health to train abortion providers in Chile

As part of a joint project to support the introduction of legal abortion services in Chile, Gynuity and the National Abortion Federation (NAF) have been assisting the Chilean Ministry of Health (MINSAL) in training multidisciplinary teams of obstetrician-gynaecologists, midwives, social workers, and psychologists in medical abortion care and manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) for first and second trimester abortions. Since December 2017, MINSAL has conducted more than 20 three-day trainings in seven regional hospitals nationwide. NAF and Gynuity sent five training teams to work with six groups of trainees. The training programme included background on the recently approved law; values clarification; theoretical background and implementation of medical abortion and MVA; theories and methodology of client counselling; and hands-on practice of techniques.

SOURCE: Gynuity Health Projects Newsletter, 22 May 2018 ; PHOTO by Kena Lorenzini