CENTER FOR REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS – Summary of jurisprudence on reproductive rights from UN treaty-monitoring bodies

This booklet summarises the jurisprudence from United Nations treaty monitoring bodies on reproductive rights, particularly the standards on reproductive health information and contraception, maternal health care, and abortion. It is intended to provide treaty body experts and human rights advocates with succinct and accessible information on the standards being adopted across treaty monitoring bodies surrounding these important rights.

This booklet is the third edition of this publication. It includes new standards that were issued over the past couple of years. These include the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights’ General Comment No. 22 on the right to sexual and reproductive health, the Committee on the Rights of the Child’s General Comment No. 20 on the rights of the child during adolescence, and the cases of Mellet v. Ireland and Whelan v. Ireland, which were recently decided by the Human Rights Committee.

SOURCE: Breaking Ground 2018: Treaty Monitoring Bodies on Reproductive Rights, February 2018