CANADA – Webinar: Access for all: Houselessness and migration status as barriers to abortion in Canada

27 July 2023

This event is a panel discussion on barriers to abortion access in Canada. We’ll share learnings from our joint stakeholder submission to Canada’s upcoming Universal Periodic Review (UPR) on abortion access barriers, with a focus on migration status and housing. Panelists will explore the interconnectedness of rights and the relationship between abortion access, health equity, and systemic oppression. We’ll close by sharing our UPR recommendations and vision for strengthened access to abortion care for all people in Canada.


Mary Vaccaro (YWCA Hamilton | McMaster University – School of Social Work)

Dr Evelyn Encalada Grez (Justice for Migrant Workers | Simon Fraser University – Labour Studies) Coral Maloney (Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights) Moderator:

Lona Laurisen Burger (Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights)

🌐 This webinar was held in English with simultaneous interpretation to French and Spanish.

Learn more about our UPR submission here


SOLIDARITY PETITION: CANADIANS ONLY, Please sign before 26 August 2023

Access to contraceptives should NOT depend on what’s in our bank account or patchwork insurance, which is why Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights is in full support of the new national Project EmpowHER campaign calling for federal coverage of free contraception under Pharmacare!

The campaign includes a federal petition and we’re hoping you’ll join us in signing the petition today and sharing widely with your networks.

Please sign the official House of Commons Petition (E-4516), then share widely with your networks to help get signers! The goal is to reach over 5,000 signatures before August 26th.

Universal coverage of contraception is part of a package of sexual health services that enable people to freely decide if or when to become parents and how many children to have, and can also reduce gender equality, improve health outcomes, and save on health care costs.

Although British Columbia recently implemented contraception coverage, and provincial campaigns continue in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, Canada is the only country in the world with universal healthcare and no national pharmacare strategy. It’s past due for the federal government to implement universal coverage for contraception!

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