Campaign Members’ Activities for 28 September! First Announcements


Human Rights Council – Discussion on Youth and Human Rights in 2016


Requests for Organizational Sign-On: Joint Statement on Abortion Rights

 In support of the September 28 Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion, the Sexual Rights Initiative, Center for Reproductive Rights and Ipas have developed a joint statement on abortion rights for delivery at the upcoming 36th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

The session runs from Sept. 11-29, and the most suitable Council agenda item for the statement would appear to be the general debate on the implementation of the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action, scheduled for Monday, Sept. 25.

We invite groups and organisations to sign on to the statement by Sept. 20:

  • If you have consultative status with ECOSOC, please complete this form, email a signed copy to, cc or forward the email to, and we will add your name to the statement.
  • If you do not have consultative status with ECOSOC, please click here to add your name.

Being the first such joint statement at the Council, the focus is generally on human rights standards with regard to abortion. Future initiatives could go further, and develop different aspects of abortion rights. A couple of requirements that needed to be fulfilled include connecting the statement with the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action, and observing the 2-minute limit for the delivery of the statement.






Time to Act! – Abortion Rights Campaign 6th Annual March for Choice 

The March for Choice takes place on 30 September, assemble Garden of Remembrance, Parnell Square, from 1.30pm to march on Dáil Éireann at 2pm.

The Citizens’ Assembly report shows us the Irish people are pro-choice. We are ready for change.

The movement to repeal the 8th Amendment from the Irish constitution has gone from strength to strength. In March, Strike4Repeal saw thousands of people occupy O’Connell Bridge, and march on the Dail in the evening, with countless more on the streets in cities around Ireland and abroad, showing that the issue of abortion rights is not going away.

This year we have learned of young children sectioned under the Mental Health Act for seeking abortions, of suicidal women denied access to the abortion they’re entitled to under the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act because their doctor didn’t think they were “suicidal enough”.

Meanwhile in Northern Ireland women continue to be prosecuted for procuring their own abortions, even though the push to decriminalise abortion is growing in the rest of the UK.

We need full repeal of the 8th Amendment in the Republic of Ireland, and proper legislation in Northern Ireland. We need access to free, safe and legal abortion for all who need or want it. And we need it now. We have waited too long. We have been patient for too long. We are tired of waiting.

We need to act. Our government needs to act. And YOU need to act!

Join us on September 30th to make your pro-choice voice heard, this is your last chance before a referendum is called.



“Stand Up ! March to Support Access to Safe Abortion!”

Protest for access to abortion rights everywhere in Europe!

28 September 2017, 17:30-20:00

Hosted by Marche Mondiale des Femmes Belgique – Wereldvrouwenmars Belgïe

Bruxelles Quartier Européen, 1000 Sint-Pieters-Woluwe, Brabant, Belgium

#leavingnoonebehind / #internationalabortionday / #allofus




Limiting the ability to decide about our bodies is an attack on fundamental rights and freedoms. Blocking access to emergency contraception strikes at our dignity. Referring to the conscience clause when writing a prescription or in a pharmacy is a violation of the rules and the rights of patients.

In such a hostile atmosphere we will not be silent! We will meet on September 24 under the Sejm to demand reproductive rights and, above all, access to legal and safe abortion. Every year some 150,000 Polish women terminate their pregnancies abroad or in the abortion underground. Often in dreadful conditions. Many of them find only unsafe methods that risk their health, even their lives.

We say: “No more humiliating Polish woman, enough of silent suffering!” We demand reform of the anti-abortion law, and we will not rest until we have fully restored reproductive rights. We have the right in our own country to be treated with respect and concern for our health.

We want to show our support for the Citizens’ Initiative: Let’s Save the Women. We want European legal standards in relation to parenthood by choice and health – legal and safe abortion, informative sexuality education, pregnancy care, and regulation of conscientious objection.

We will celebrate International Safe Abortion Day (28 Sept), which mobilizes NGOs around the world to lobby for the protection of sexual rights and universal access to comprehensive reproductive health services. The demonstration on 24 September starting at 2pm under the Sejm will be followed by a broad CIVICUS campaign by the World Alliance for Citizen Participation. The global campaign “Speak!” will give voice to those who protest against unjust laws and fight together for a fair future for all. Come and listen to our speakers, and sing! We invite all the organizations, initiatives and political parties who share our views and advocate for the right of women to legal abortion (bring your banners)! Check Facebook to find out more activities and surprises! Stay tuned! J



Three events for 28 September in Toulouse

Le Collectif de défense de l’IVG is organising three activities in the Haute Garonne in response to the European call for the right to safe abortion and for the International Day of Action for Safe Abortion on 28 September. On 23 September, there will be a demonstration leaving from the Allées Jean-Jaurès at 15:00 hours. It will be followed by an evening/debate at 19:00 hours at l’Espace des Diversités (38 rue d’Aubuisson). On 28 September assemble for a rally in front of the Hotel Dieu Saint Jacques at 18:00 hours – carry hangers and knitting needles.

A European petition was launched online and will be handed over to the European Parliament on 28 September. We are mobilizing in solidarity with women all over Europe. Abortion is prohibited in Malta and under severely restricted in Ireland, Hungary and Poland. The right to abortion, even if it is legal, can be restricted by: the abuse of a conscience clause by physicians (Italy), the absence of adequate services (Greece, Bavaria), the closure of abortion clinics during health system restructuring (France), and in all countries, by the election of reactionary, conservative and regressive  governments.

Access to abortion is a right; abortion is a personal choice. My body belongs to me, I choose my life.

Financing of abortion clinics and family planning centres is needed to make them accessible in all countries. Sexuality education must be provided so that each person can make free and informed choices. The legal limit for abortions must be harmonized in line with the most progressive countries in Europe, and Member States must fully decriminalize abortion.




Call to Action: 28 September

For the Day for the Decriminalization of Abortion and the health and life of women, send a photo of your face to our Fanpage, Instagram or Twitter, and we will return it to you in our template.



September 28, 2017

Resist & Persist:

Our Bodies, Our Abortions, Our Rights!

International Safe Abortion Day


Dear members, partners and allies,

We are thrilled to have you on board in joining activists around the world speaking out for access to safe and legal abortion! This toolkit is designed to support organizations and advocates participating in the Resist & Persist September 28 Campaign, providing information on different means of engagement at local and community levels, and through social media. Feel free to get involved in whichever way(s) works best for you!

In solidarity, Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights




Festival of Choice Wien: A celebration of feminist solidarity and pro-choice activism across the world

Details of activities coming soon:



Youth Champions Advocacy Nepal (YOUTHCAN) celebrate September 28 with an aim to campaign as a movement to promote universal access to safe, legal abortion as a women’s health and human rights issue. #IResistWePersist #September28

 “Today, ASAP Youth Advocacy Institute in Nepal just started! This is part of our #September28Campaign activities to ensure that we #LeaveNoOneBehind and we continuously raise the awareness of young people on #SRHR and #safeabortion #IResistWePersist

Shout out to Youth Champions Advocacy Nepal- Youth CAN for this amazing work!”




London: Festival of Choice 2017

The London Festival of Choice aims to raise awareness of threats to reproductive rights and the plight of those in countries around the world who do not have access to safe and legal abortion. The Festival also wishes to celebrate the solidarity and feminist activism and to strengthen and support the pro-choice message, locally and globally. It will be held on 16th September from 10.30am to 9pm at Amnesty International UK, 25 New Inn Yard, EC2A 3EA.

Panel: “Under attack: Women’s right to choose in times of political turmoil and rising fundamentalisms” with speakers from IPPF, Sisters Uncut, Amnesty International UK and Marie Stopes International

Workshop 1: Direct action and reproductive rights” – organised by Feminist Fightback

 Workshop 2: “How to talk about abortion and stigma” – organised by IPPF

Talk: Abortion rights in 2017: an international overview“ and letter-writing to your embassy (all day) – International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion

 Talk: “East London Strippers Collective presents… A Manifesto For Change” by East London Strippers Collective

 and much more, including workshops, music and a play.

On 17 September, Patients Not Passports with Docs Not Cops to protest immigration checks and maternity charges (details here), and Feminist Fightback is having an organising meeting, and on 30 September from 14:00 to 15:00 there will be a March at the Irish Assembly, in solidarity with the 6th annual March for Choice in Dublin, organised by Abortion Rights Campaign (details here), and then a fundraiser for the Abortion Support Network, in Hackney Wick (details here).