AUSTRALIA  – Training courses for health professionals by Children by Choice 

Children by Choice is an independent, Brisbane-based, non-profit organisation, committed to providing unbiased information on all unplanned pregnancy options – abortion, adoption and parenting. They have a pro-choice and client-centred approach. Courses are delivered by Zoom for up to 100 participants.

Introduction to Violence and Reproductive Coercion and Abuse 

9 May 2022, 9:00 am – 2.5 hours online

This training is open to all health and allied health care practitioners who may provide support to people needing pregnancy decision making counselling.

Learning outcomes:

  • The intersection of domestic violence, pregnancy and termination of pregnancy
  • Reproductive coercion and abuse behaviours
  • Diversity, young people and reproductive coercion
  • Strategies for increasing reproductive autonomy for women and people with uteruses
  • Supporting the pregnancy decision making in the context of domestic violence
  • Assisting women and people with uteruses to access contraception less vulnerable to detection and sabotage
  • Patterns of violence during pregnancy and the practice implications
  • Discussion, reflection and self-care


Further information:

There is also a full-day course on the same subject on 3 May 2022, a course on post-abortion counselling on 23 May 2022, and more.