AUSTRALIA – Children by Choice

Children by Choice is an independent Brisbane-based non-profit organisation, committed to providing unbiased information on all unplanned pregnancy options – abortion, adoption and parenting. They have a pro-choice and woman-centred approach.

They provide non-judgmental all options counselling, information and referrals for Queensland women experiencing unplanned pregnancy, and post-abortion counselling, through their Queensland-wide phoneline and in person at their Brisbane office. They also provide sexuality education to young people and professional development training for health and community sector professionals. They work to advance Queensland women’s reproductive choices, and to improve access to safe and legal abortion.

They are a state-wide service and operate Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm. They are funded by the Queensland Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services to provide their counselling and community education services. They rely heavily on their members, supporters, and volunteers to assist them in their non-funded work, and are a registered charity.

Among their resources are brochures on unplanned pregnancy, choosing an abortion, after an abortion, reproductive coercion and more. They also have the following posters to raise awareness about reproductive coercion:

SOURCE: Children by Choice