ASIA PACIFIC – Affirming rights, accelerating progress and amplifying action: Monitoring SDG5 in Asia-Pacific

by Aarushi Khanna, ARROW, July 2020

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development places achieving gender equality at the core of its implementation with its promise to ‘leave no one behind’. Global commitments towards gender equality are captured in the standalone Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5 and as a cross-cutting priority across all SDGs. 2020 marks a milestone year for gender equality, the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and the ushering in of the decade of action to achieving the SDGs, which is an opportunity to take stock of our progress and gaps and identify transformative measures to achieve the SDG agenda.

The Asia-Pacific region has seen uneven and very slow progress in its pathway to achieving gender equality…. This regional brief monitors the implementation of SDG 5 on gender equality in the Asia-Pacific region…. The objective of the brief is to shed light on the progress made by countries in the Asia-Pacific region on a set of key transformative gender equality targets and indicators linked to the SDG 5, and to identify the challenges in achieving our commitments including key data gaps that need urgent attention to realise gender equality for women and girls in the region.

Five examples of when 100% gender equality will be reached, based on current trends:

Infographics by: Equal Measures 2030. Bending the Curve Towards Gender Equality, 2020.