Argentina – Victory is announced in the street: 14 June – una jornada histórica

What more is there to say!!! We await first-hand reports and an outline of the final text of the bill as agreed in the House of Deputies. It is not yet law, however. The bill has to go to the upper chamber of the Congress, date to be arranged. But meanwhile, we can only repeat again and again our heartfelt congratulations to everyone involved. What a fabulous victory!!!

In Paraguay, however, we are very disturbed to report that at a solidarity rally of about 60 people outside the Argentinian embassy in Asunción, two women were run down by a truck that barrelled through a blockade that had been set up to protect the rally and although everyone moved out of his way, the driver hit two of the women and drove on. The 13 June report at Telesur had no further information.

PHOTOS: El País International (22 photos), 14 June 2018

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