ARGENTINA – Una vuelta de tuerca a la objeción de conciencia: Una propuesta regulatoria a partir de las prácticas de aborto legal en Argentina

(A twist to conscientious objection: A regulatory proposal based on legal abortion practice in Argentina)

by Sonia Ariza Navarrete, Agustina Ramón Michel

REDAAS (Red de Accion al Aborto Seguro)

This document is based on research (interviews, a survey, comparative law and comparative experiences) and Argentinian experience, in which we propose how to regulate conscientious objection. It is part of a project of CEDES and Ipas.

In it, we focus on two fundamental and inter-dependent issues: the reconceptualisation of conscientious objection and a proposal to regulate it within the framework of public health policy. Both are empirically informed. In addition to secondary sources, we obtained opinions and perceptions through a survey of 269 members of the public health system and 11 semi-structured interviews with managers and heads of services, also in the public health system, on the forms that conscientious objection takes, and its causes and impact.

We know this is a complex and ongoing discussion, we hope this will be a contribution.