ANDORRA – Urgent solidarity action: Sign the Amnesty International petition!

“In Andorra, abortion is prohibited, even for rape, and currently women are still being tried for wanting to be free and have rights. Human rights defender, Vanessa Mendoza Cortés, president of the Stop Violence Association of Andorra, could soon face trial for defending women’s rights in Andorra, including abortion rights, in a speech she made in 2019 before a UN body of experts.

“In 2019, the administration of Xavier Espot i Zamora, head of Andorra’s government, denounced Vanessa Mendoza Cortés for “crimes of defamation”, which can lead to prison. In October 2022 he said that the court would judge her, on a date yet to be specified.

“She faces a hefty fine and criminal record if convicted. The Amnesty International petition calls on the authorities in Andorra to drop the accusations against Vanessa Mendoza Cortés, derived solely from the exercise of her right to freedom of expression and defending women’s rights, including sexual and reproductive rights, and says they should instead take all necessary measures to guarantee access to a safe and legal abortion in Andorra.”


Note: The above link to Amnesty International’s website may be inaccessible from certain countries.

SOURCE: Stop Violencies, Andorra, 30 August 2023