AFRIQUE FRANCOPHONE – Second Dialogue for Safe Abortion, 24-26 October 2022, Report

Second Dialogue for Safe Abortion, 24-26 October 2022: Report

Résilience et Adaptation : un mouvement fort pour l’accès à l’avortement sécurisé en Afrique francophone
(Resilience and adaptation: a strong movement for access to safe abortion in Francophone Africa)

Those involved in defence of the right to access safe abortion in Francophone Africa met in Abidjan on 24-25-26 October 2022 for the Second Dialogue for Safe Abortion in Francophone Africa (DASAF), organised by ODAS, to discuss the future and the revitalisation of the movement for safe abortion in the region.

The participants came from more than 27 Francophone African countries and other parts of the world (Côte d’Ivoire [host], Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroun, Congo Brazzaville, Etats-Unis, Ethiopie, France, Gabon, Ghana, Guinée, Indonésie, Kenya, Libéria, Madagascar, Mali, Pays Bas, Niger, Nigéria, Norvège, Sénégal, Sierra Leone, Suède, Togo, Tunisie, Royaume-Unis et Zambie).

The days were marked by active engagement and a rich sharing of experiences and included young people, feminist champions, government representatives, donors, professional organisations, civil society, international NGOs, and other sexual and reproductive health partners. The emphasis was on the necessity of privileging an ecosystematic and intersectional approach, and relying also on other  feminist movements and human rights defenders to increase access to safe abortion in Francophone Africa.

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SOURCES: ODAS, E-mail, 4 January 2023 ; Brian McKenna, E-mail, RH Supplies Coalition, 4 January 2023