ABORTION WITHOUT BORDERS – Anastasia* never thought she’d be calling an abortion helpline 

“She and her husband contacted Abortion Without Borders (AWB) earlier this year, when they were told their baby had catastrophic abnormalities.

“Anastasia should have been able to access care in Poland, but was obstructed repeatedly by doctors who didn’t want her to terminate the pregnancy – even though she was within her legal rights to do so. She was already more than 24 weeks’ pregnant, which meant her only option was for an abortion in a hospital (not a clinic). Most hospitals in Europe had closed to overseas patients due to Covid-19, but AWB got her an appointment at the only hospital that provides abortion beyond 24 weeks and was treating international clients. The couple travelled, and Anastasia received the care she should have had at home.

Women like Anastasia aren’t all of our clients, and they aren’t even most of our clients, but next year, they will likely be more of our clients.

Since AWB launched this time last year over 4,000 people in Poland have contacted the helpline. And since the virtual abortion ban was announced, AWB’s phone number has been written on placards, on the sides of vans, and even held up in parliament – and the AWB helpline exploded, with 300+ calls every day.”

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SOURCE + VISUAL: Abortion Support Network Newsletter, 1 December 2020