ABORTION SUPPORT NETWORK/ABORTION WITHOUT BORDERS EUROPE – In the time of Covid-19… we have learned a lot of things

Four months into abortion funding in the time of Covid-19, we have learned a lot of things. The biggest, most important lesson is that our volunteers, our Abortion Without Borders partners, our supporters, and all the abortion pirates we know are very well placed to handle a world that requires thinking on your feet, navigating uncharted territory and, our favourite activity, creative problem solving.

Through airport closures, restricted border crossings, socially distanced buses, 14-day quarantine periods, lockdown-restricted childcare options, hotel and guesthouse closures, clinic closures, mandatory Covid-19 testing policies before entering a country, and much, much, much more, we have been making the abortion fund magic happen. Client journeys have usually taken more time and been more expensive, emails have been more frantic (especially those from women and pregnant people in completely cut off jurisdictions, such as Malta), volunteers and staff have had individual challenges with furloughs and quarantines and other stressors, and yet – we are still making it work.

We are also very much aware that while travel restrictions are lifting across Europe, we are very much in the early stages of understanding what impacts Covid-19 will have on reproductive choices and access to abortion. But you know what? With your help, we’re ready.

SOURCE: Abortion Support Network e-News, July 2020