In some (but not all) countries, it is possible to buy misoprostol pills at a pharmacy with or even without a prescription. Not all pharmacies, but some. It is more likely in countries where a lot of prescription medicine is available over the counter. Misoprostol is also used to treat gastric ulcers, so pharmacies often carry these pills for that indication; a common brand name is Cytotec. However, the package insert will not tell you how to use the pills safely and effectively for early abortion, so get this information from any one of the hotlines listed as well.

Online pharmacies

Watch out! According to theAlliance for Safe Online Pharmacies (a US registered charity with a branch in the European Union), there are around 35,000 active online pharmacy websites at any given time – approximately 96% of which do not comply withapplicable laws and pharmacy standards.Counterfeit products sold by illegal online pharmacies often are manufactured in unsafe conditions, contain little or no active ingredients, and/or are manufactured using dangerous and sometimes deadly substances.

Make sure, if you are going to try this route, you are sure the seller is registered and bona fide.