We’re excited to be taking part in the#16DaysofActivismAgainstGenderBasedViolenceTwitter chat, hosted by Safe2Choose &How To Use Abortion Pill this Friday, 6 December, between 5pm and 7pm (GMT),and would love for you all to tune in!

We maintain that lack of safe abortion access for women, orharsh restrictions on safe abortion access are both forms of violence againstwomen, their bodies, their rights, and the power they hold over their ownbodies and what happens to them.

‘From looming threats of restricted abortion access thatseem to be riding on the coattails of a global nationalist movement, tomonumental victories in Northern Ireland, New South Wales and Oaxaca;
2019 has been an exceptionally mobilising year for abortion advocates aroundthe world.

And we stand committed with partners, ready for the continued work ahead, because we truly believe that we deserve better. We deserve access, we deserve autonomy, we deserve the right to choose.

It’s important for us to be direct and loud about abortion.

Our message needs to be unequivocal: forced pregnancy is aform of violence against women and a violation of human rights.