SLOVENIA ⮕ EUROPEAN UNION – PETITION to the European Union from My Voice, My Choice!!

My Voice, My Choice is a Slovenian Women’s Rights initiative, coordinated by the 8th March Institute, who have launched a campaign to make abortions safe and accessible in the European Union. According to a report by the , they have been joined to date by activists from Spain, Finland, Poland, France, Croatia and Ireland.

“The group writes: “Across Europe, more than 20 million women do not have access to abortion. It is unacceptable that in some EU member countries, like Poland, women are still dying from being denied abortions. In some, like Austria and Croatia, women suffer financially because abortion is not free. In some, like Italy, abortion is not accessible due to a lack of providers. Women are forced to travel long distances or seek unsafe alternatives.

“We have decided to change this. We submitted a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) to the European Commission to make the EU fund abortion care for anyone in the EU who lacks access. We are now waiting for the Commission to officially “register” this Initiative.

“As soon as that happens, we must race to gather 1 million signatures by June 2024. To be the fastest collection of ECI signatures in history! Together we will save lives and stand up for dignity and equality for all.”

“To reach this goal, we need to gather a huge movement ready to leap into action the moment the ECI is registered and we can collect official signatures. Join us now! We don’t have a moment to lose, and we need you with us from day one!”


SOURCES: European News Room, 6 March 2024 ; STA, 5 March 2024