LATIN AMERICA & CARIBBEAN – Abortion in Latin America & the Caribbean: A region with different levels of access and many obstacles: 28 September 2019

Translation: 97% of women of reproductive age in the region live in countries where abortion is criminalised.

Only six countries permit abortion on broad grounds and only 3% of women aged 14-44 years live in those countries.

In addition, this is the only world region where the number of pregnancies in girls less than 14 years of age is increasing, and the region also has the second highest rates of adolescent pregnancies in the world.

Data from UNFPA

On 28 September 2019, the Red de Periodistas Feministas of LAC (Latin American and Caribbean Feminist Journalists Network), in coordination with Anfibia, LATFEM and Oxfam, published the 22-page report: Abortar en América Latina y el Caribe: Accesos y obstáculos. Each country has its own page with information (en español).