“It’s about you” campaign on abortion stigma in Macedonia

On Human Rights Day (10th December), the campaign “It’s about you” was launched as part of the HERA Youth project “Abortion Stigma”. The launch of the campaign was accompanied by a statement from the HERA Youth calling the Government and the Ministry of Health to take into consideration the concluding observations of the UN Human Rights Committee to review the law and stop the anti-abortion campaign.
Young girls and activists developed four videos, of which the first three include English subtitles, in which they share their opinions on the situation in Macedonia. The first video is focused on the effects of the anti-abortion campaign launched by the government. This campaign included showing films with upsetting and shocking anti-abortion messages such as ‘Women who have had an abortion are killers’, which was broadcast on national TV. In the second video the activists looked back at the protests that were organized against the restrictive changes on abortion law, as well as discussed the proposed legal changes, how they have affected and will affect women, and how they discriminate against and stigmatize women. These include the requirement on women to spend three days at home thinking about whether they want to change their minds about having an abortion. The third video analyses changes in the law and limits in access to abortion in Macedonia. In the last video, girls of diverse ethnicities share their opinion on abortion stigma and abortion.

The videos are available at YouTube here and here.
Source: H.E.R.A. Astra Bulletin No.1 (149), 2016