UGANDA – COHERINET celebrated 28 September with a march, a new TV channel, and a Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Parliament  


^ COHERINET SRHR Parliament with Dr Robert Mutumba, Uganda Ministry of Health

COHERINET is a non-government organisation working in alliance with community based organisations, researchers, learning institutions and individuals with a common goal of transforming people from the grassroots communities and democratizing the means to sexual reproductive health services and rights in Uganda, including but not limited to safe legal abortion. We believe that it is important to prioritise women’s reproductive justice, bodily autonomy and abortion as healthcare rights.


In Uganda, during 2015–2019, the share of unintended pregnancies ending in abortion rose from 24% to 30% with a total of 2,420,000 pregnancies annually. Of the total, 1,410,000 pregnancies were unintended, with 418,000 of those ending in abortion. In Uganda, abortion is legal only to save the pregnant person’s life.

You can watch part of our march on our video. Our Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Parliament was launched by Dr Robert Mutumba from the Ugandan Ministry of Health.

COHERINET TV will offer a new, safe space primarily for vulnerable and marginalised groups from the community and grassroots levels, to securely demand stigma-free, decentralised, accessible and available comprehensive abortion care services. It will also broadcast programmes aimed at demanding women’s bodily autonomy and reproductive justice and destigmatising abortion. It will also be used to showcase the urgent need for recognition of abortion as a healthcare right.

Please watch our short video with International Safe Abortion Day highlights !

SOURCE: Yiga Musa, COHERINET. E-mail, 4 October 2023