SPAIN: Asociación de Clínicas Acreditadas para la IVE (ACAI)


On the occasion of International Safe Abortion Day, ACAI (the Association of Accredited Abortion Clinics) calls on the Spanish health authorities to maintain the quality of the health care delivery of induced abortion in Spain, as well as the freedom of choice of abortion method for women, whether surgical or medical. As established in the laws governing health care and abortion: “All women that have indicated their intention to undergo a voluntary termination of pregnancy will receive information on the different methods for termination of pregnancy…”. In accordance with the legislation, the law requires that:

  • v Prior to a voluntary termination of pregnancy the informed consent of the woman must be obtained.
  • v Prior to the signing of informed consent, the women is told about the various abortion methods available.
  • v It is the woman who decides which method she wants to use.

You can see our video explaining these issues to women.