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Abortion rights activists are amazing

Over the past few years, abortion rights activists have achieved a number of victories. Even when living in countries which have extremely restrictive abortion laws, activists find ways to ensure people can access safe abortion methods when they need them.

Restrictions to safe, legal abortion are in place all over the world. A handful of countries ban the procedure in every circumstance, but nearly all place limits on who can have an abortion and when. Abortion is often criminalised, and nearly always stigmatised. Despite all this, abortions still happen.

In fact, abortion rates in countries where abortion is heavily restricted are similar to those where it is mostly legal. Every year, millions of people are able to circumnavigate oppressive legal systems and practical obstacles to end their pregnancies by choice. They are able to do this because of abortion rights activists.

Activists are succeeding in changing laws, as well as hearts and minds

News headlines are often dominated with stories about the devastating impact of abortion bans in the US. But the global picture is more positive.

Abortions continue to happen, even in the most difficult contexts, because enough brave and committed people decide to take action for what’s right.

Global abortion solidarity is powerful !!!

SOURCE: Safe Abortion Action Fund website, excerpts, 28 September 2023

VISUAL: Safe Abortion Action Fund, E-mail, 2 September 2023, mp4 VIDEO 22 seconds