POLAND – Poland’s second March for Choice

“Abortion – safe, free, legal and, above all, actually available whenever it is needed, regardless of the reason a person has for deciding not to continue a pregnancy.”

“No shame, no fear”

…with such slogans around 1,000 marched in Warsaw for the second time on 28 September.

discussion about abortion has been going on for many years and nothing comes
from it, but the reality is that every day many of us terminate pregnancies.
This is one of the decisions we make – or not. On 28 September, on the occasion
of Safe Abortion Day celebrated all over the world, we meet in Warsaw on a
truly pro-Czech march. On this day, we remind everyone that abortion is part of
everyday life, it is a medical procedure, it is a fact of life. A time for
action, not just reaction.

(translated from Polish)