POLAND: Demonstration – Sept, 24


Limiting the ability to decide about our bodies is an attack on fundamental rights and freedoms. Blocking access to emergency contraception strikes at our dignity. Referring to the conscience clause when writing a prescription or in a pharmacy is a violation of the rules and the rights of patients.

In such a hostile atmosphere we will not be silent! We will meet on September 24 under the Sejm to demand reproductive rights and, above all, access to legal and safe abortion. Every year some 150,000 Polish women terminate their pregnancies abroad or in the abortion underground. Often in dreadful conditions. Many of them find only unsafe methods that risk their health, even their lives.

We say: “No more humiliating Polish woman, enough of silent suffering!” We demand reform of the anti-abortion law, and we will not rest until we have fully restored reproductive rights. We have the right in our own country to be treated with respect and concern for our health.

We want to show our support for the Citizens’ Initiative: Let’s Save the Women. We want European legal standards in relation to parenthood by choice and health – legal and safe abortion, informative sexuality education, pregnancy care, and regulation of conscientious objection.

We will celebrate International Safe Abortion Day (28 Sept), which mobilizes NGOs around the world to lobby for the protection of sexual rights and universal access to comprehensive reproductive health services. The demonstration on 24 September starting at 2pm under the Sejm will be followed by a broad CIVICUS campaign by the World Alliance for Citizen Participation. The global campaign “Speak!” will give voice to those who protest against unjust laws and fight together for a fair future for all. Come and listen to our speakers, and sing! We invite all the organizations, initiatives and political parties who share our views and advocate for the right of women to legal abortion (bring your banners)! Check Facebook to find out more activities and surprises! Stay tuned! J