MARIA FUND, MEXICO launches our new website and blog for 28 September

For 28 September, we launched our new website and the blog: “Yo Aborto, Yo Acompaño, Yo Transformo”

The website offers relevant information about abortion, sexuality, and information to support women all over the country who decide to terminate their pregnancy.

The Blog is a space to create an open and honest dialogue for pro-choice people to share their voices. The blog has the following sections:

Yo Aborto (I aborted): for people who have had an abortion to share their experiences in order to show the diversity of stories, breaking the silence, prejudices, and stereotypes surrounding abortions.

Yo Acompaño (I accompany): for people who have accompanied women in their abortion process, to share their experiences and stories (couples, relatives, friends and people that are trained to support women professionally during this process). That’s how we help to build social support networks.

Yo Transformo (I transform): for people who carry out abortion rights actions, as activists, journalists and health professionals, among others. It´s a space to show our motivations for transforming the world in a positive way.

We invite you to visit our website at and share the posts of the blog. If you are interested in sharing your story, please email: