KENYA – One is too many women to lose to unsafe abortion

Unsafe abortion is a public health concern, and according to the Ministry of Health’s 2013 Magnitude and Incidences of Unsafe Abortion in Kenya study, unsafe abortion in the country is the highest in Africa, … with approximately 6,000 deaths per year, 17% of which are due to complications from unsafe abortions….

…The clarion call on this International Safe Abortion Day, celebrated annually on September 28, is for the Ministry of Health and related government institutions to rise above any bias that may stand in the way of providing safe abortion and instead adhere to scientific evidence in formulating policies and guidelines, and while doing so, boldly reclaim their position in ending the pandemic of unsafe abortion.

SOURCE: Nation, by Wangari Ireri, Programme Manager, TICAH + PHOTO, 28 September 2023.