Dublin (Press Association)                                              Irish Embassy, London

Repeal New York

Thousands march in Dublin 30 September (40,000 reported by RTE ; 30,000 reported by Irish Times). In her opening speech, Abortion Rights Campaign member Angela Coraccio said the Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution, which gives equal rights to a fetus as to the woman carrying it, is “an instrument of torture” and described the country’s current abortion laws as “barbaric”. Irish Times 30 September 2017 + ARC Video

The Global March for Choice was organised by Repeal Global. Events were announced on their Facebook page in solidarity in: London, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Lisbon, Utrecht, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, New York, Portland, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto – and Moscow joined too!

How many is enough? London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign made a mark on the pavement outside the Irish Embassy for each of the 205,704 who have been exiled from Ireland for safe abortions in the UK since 1983.