IPAS: Social Media #Sept28Campaign

IPAS released hard-hitting images and infographics on social media for 28 September. The most popular of these posts, each shared thousands of times, included the following messages:

• You need an abortion. Will he treat you or call the police?
• ¿Cuál de estas mujeres irá a la cárcel por tener un aborto?
• Did you know that ¼ of all people live in countries where abortion is a crime?
• ¿Sabía usted que el 25% de todas las personas viven en países donde el aborto es un crimen?

An article was published via Reuters on an IPAS report about one in four women in several Rwandan jails serving time for illegal abortions, many of them rape survivors. Others told stories of women who had had illegal abortions (see picture).