I am SAFE Campaign

I am Kader and I work as FIGO’s Advocacy and Communications person in West Africa. I am sending this ref the great 28 September movement. As part of our engagement for 28 September, we are delighted to announce the launch of the “IamSAFE Campaign”. Through a creative commitment to harnessing the power of Art, Creativity and Activism for Abortion. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the tools and resources available to health advocates to address stigma and strengthen access to safe abortion care. This campaign, supported by FIGO through the Advocacy for Safe Abortion Project (ASAP) and led by our esteemed member societies in West Africa (Benin, Burkina-Faso, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire and Mali), has immense potential to create a positive impact on women’s lives. The campaign has been carried out in a participatory way and will target young sexual and reproductive health advocates, artists, healthcare providers and other key stakeholders across Africa.

In a spirit of solidarity and commitment to this campaign, we can collectively contribute to a more inclusive society, where every woman’s right to choose is respected and upheld. Here are three ways you can engage in or support the IamSAFE campaign:

– Join the campaign and get more information and updates: visit the campaign website and/or download the campaign guide.

– Share the messages and graphics on your social media platforms and with your colleagues and partners using the hashtag #AbortionSolidarity #IamSAFE.

– Share the downloaded image on the website.

– Customise your own messages in French or English on the website:

– Select the visual of your choice and add your own message in the “Message” section.

– Click on the “Export” button to download the graphic.

– Share the downloaded graphic on your social media platforms and with your acquaintances using the hashtags #IamSAFE #ASAP #AbortionSolidarity

Collaborate: If you have ideas, skills, articles/blogs or resources that could contribute to the success of the campaign, we invite you to collaborate and share them.

Become a partner: you can support the campaign by sharing your logos to be added on the campaign platform. Let’s work together to defend women’s reproductive rights and the empowerment of every individual.

SOURCE: Kader Avonnon, West Africa Advocacy and Communication Consultant, FIGO, London UK, E-mail: