INDIA: Hidden Pockets Spoken Word : Abortion Rights

As part of the September 28th movement on access to services related to abortion, Hidden Pockets performed its first ever #SpokenWord performance on the issue of abortion at ‘100 Thousand Poets for Change’ event organised by Bring Back The Poets, Delhi, with Oindrila, Jasmine and Pallavi. We shouted for #abortionrights  and #AbortTheStigma.
An excerpt from the performance :
Married? Hell, No!
I work 13 hours a day, I tried to keep a plant once, it died in 6 days
I can’t tell you how excruciating it is to even do my own laundry at the end of each day.
Are you telling me to bring 2 more people into this, throw all my life plans away?
What about my anguish, my choice to not procreate?
What about the child who will resent the bitter mother
who crumbles slowly under her dead dreams’ weight?
What sort of future do you envisage for all of us by telling me to get married?
Let this be a choice, not a survival tactic.
by Oindrila Duttagupta