GIBRALTAR – No More Shame Gibraltar

Activists in Gibraltar have launched the “No More Shame Campaign” with
the purpose of getting media attention to the abortion laws in the British
colony on the southern tip of Spain. Gibraltar is a small place (30,000 population) and
the church is still a powerful force. “Pro life Gibraltar” are trying to push
the government to penalise women who seek abortions in Spain or the UK (which
would not be legal). This has however resulted in increased fear among women
who have had abortions, who are afraid to speak up.

Activists are joining forces and planning great activities for September 28: gathering at the main Piazza to collect signatures for a petition, give out sexual health information leaflets and promote services for women with a crisis pregnancy. On 27 September from 10am at the Piazza, we will celebrate International Safe Abortion Day and the launch of the Gibraltar Health Authority’s new sexual health clinic. We’ll be at the Piazza also on the 3rd, 10th, 13th, 15th, and 22nd October. On 13th October, there will be a silent march, silent as in solidarity for all the women who have had to remain silent, shamed and stigmatised. Everyone is encouraged to wear something saying “No More Shame” (we have t-shirts) and bring a banner. All groups supporting the Pro-Choice movement are encouraged to attend: e.g. Unite the Union, ERG, Secular Humanists, Choice Gibraltar, Together Gibraltar… The more the merrier!

No More Shame