EGYPT – Draft law to allow very limited abortion access

On 5 December, the Egyptian Parliament’s Health Affairs Committee will resume its discussion of the first Medical Liability draft law, presented by MP Ayman Abul Ela.

This draft law clarifies under what circumstances abortion can be carried out. Abortion would be considered legal if the woman’s life is at risk because of the pregnancy or if the fetus has a disorder that makes it incompatible with life. Under this law, abortion surgery would only be performed by a specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics and the pregnant woman should receive the consent of the treating doctor that she requires an abortion. The treating doctor should release a detailed report determining the reason for the abortion. The husband’s consent is not required in emergency cases.
The intended aim is to provide a legal framework for permissible abortions that are compatible with Islamic law.


SOURCE: Egypt Today, 3 December 2017 ; PHOTO