ECUADOR: Radio Berta Cáceres

“I decide who goes in and who comes out” / Imagen de Anna Grimal

Radio Berta Cáceres

Aborto Y Tecnología Desde Una Perspectiva Feminista

28 de septiembre “Día Internacional por la Despenalización del Aborto en América Latina y el Caribe”

A radio programme produced by Radio Berta Cáceres with the Instituto de Género y Tecnología en América Latina y el Caribe, 2016. Participants in the programme included feminists, activists, researchers, lesbians, and transgenders from Ecuador, Colombia, Perú, Chile, Spain and México.

Questions for discussion included:

  • What is our approach as feminists to the subject of abortion?
  • Legal abortion in a patriarchal system?
  • What are the challenges that we feminists face who are fighting for free, voluntary and safe abortion?
  • How can we use the available technologies from a feminist perspective?

With music from:

Caye Cayejera – Puro Estereotipo;

Furia – Aborto Retrospectivo;

Torta Golosa – Las Mujeres Abortamos