10 Days of Action in Croatia

PaRiter, an association for human rights and citizen participation in Rijeka, started a campaign in 2016 dedicated to women’s rights, especially women’s reproductive rights called: “Ten days of action against the collapse of women’s reproductive rights”.

The campaign aimed to link together the National Day against Violence against Women (September 22nd), International Contraception Day (September 26th), Global Day of Action for Safe and Legal Abortion (September 28th) and International Day of Non-Violence (October 2nd).

This year’s topic was CEDAW’s recommendations to the Croatian Government in July 2015, which have not yet been implemented, including those on sexual and reproductive health and rights. PaRiter has launched a petition and signatures are being collected calling on the Government to implement the recommendations. In a radio broadcast on International Contraception Day, prominent gynaecologists spoke about contraception and its contribution to women’s empowerment. And for 28 September, the group collected stories on abortion and put them on a virtual mural for 28th of September. Other activities included a roundtable on keeping the government accountable through activism and academia and an information booth in the city.

This campaign was motivated by the fact that women’s rights in Croatia have been decreasing since the 1990s and most immediately because several health organizations and the Church organised a seminar for doctors on women’s health and Canonic law on 16-18 September, under the patronage of the Croatian President.