USA: New Coalition to Expand Access to Mifepristone formed

In June 2015, Gynuity Health Projects launched a Coalition to Expand Access to Mifepristone in the United States. The project aims to facilitate collective action around several short and longer-term objectives, which include:

1. Disseminating information and education to providers and the public at large about the potential for medical abortion to improve women’s healthcare, and bolstering public support for improved access.
2. Generating media attention, articles in the academic literature, and public discussion around mifepristone and specific activities aimed at incrementally increasing access.
3. Advocating for updates to the FDA-approved label for mifepristone to reflect evidence-based practice and reduce restrictions on how mifepristone is distributed.
4. Advocating for the eventual sale of mifepristone in pharmacies, directly to women.

There are currently a total of 143 members representing 58 organizations.

This month the Mife Coalition is assisting efforts to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the FDA approval of mifepristone on September 28, 2000. Coalition members contributed a series of articles to a special section of the September issue of the journal Contraception that is devoted to mifepristone. Other member activities have included participating in an audio press briefing and submitting commentaries in popular media outlets.

The Mife Coalition has also produced a set of informational materials that can be used to generate media attention related to the upcoming anniversary. These include a messaging document, social media guidance document, and an FAQ for tough questions about medical abortion. Coalition members will be launching social media activities throughout the next week. Please contact Kelly Cleland ( or Wendy Sheldon ( if you want copies of the informational materials, additional information about activities planned for 15th anniversary, or would like to join our effort!