BRAZIL – Festival for Women’s Lives in Curitiba

Organized by social movements from all over
Brazil, the Festival
for Women’s Lives
 took place on 27 and 28 September
2019. The event, organised entirely by women, aimed to discuss and debate women’s

The events began on the 27th afternoon, with shows
by women artists and artistic interventions as well as information on
reproductive sexual rights. On the 28th, the programme featured the
percussive project Baque Mulher, which together with the festival organisation
will promote chat, yoga and maracatu at the Community School in Parolin, from
13:30. On both days, there were psychologists and lawyers explaining what to do
in cases of sexual violence, where to seek help and how to obtain a legal
abortion – allowed by law in cases of rape, risk to the woman/girl’s life and anencephaly
in the fetus.

These events were planned by the Frente Nacional Pela Legalização do Aborto (National Front for the Legalisation of Abortion), which took place
during its 3rd national meeting in Brasilia. The proposal was for social
movements to mobilise on 28 September and to include the date in the calendar
for women’s rights struggles. Sâo Paulo, Recife, Rio de Janeiro,
Florianopolis and other cities in Brazil will have activities on these dates. Full schedule of events (em português)