ARMENIA: Three TV programmes devoted to sexual and reproductive health and rights

The Women’s Rights Center organized a series of three television shows in different regions of Armenia. The first show was broadcasted on 28th of September. The second and the third TV shows were organised in Lori and Kotayk regions which will be broadcasted by Fortuna and Hrazdan TV Channels in October. The shows were in Question & Answer format.

Dr Avagyan, the Head of Maternal and Reproductive Health Department of the Ministry of Health of the RA, Dr Aram Avalyan, the Head of the Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics of Maternity Hospital of Lori Marz and Vanik Adamyan, the doctor of the department of post-partum care of Kotayk Marz participated in the programmes.

In both Marzes Dr Avagyan underlined that reproductive and sexual health is the base of a healthy family and mentioned that the Ministry of Health is developing a strategy on improving reproductive and sexual health and rights. Speaking about safe methods of pregnancy termination, the doctors recommended to attend a doctor’s consultation and follow their advice. They also reminded viewers that three years ago, the Medical Abortion project was implemented in some regional Maternity Hospitals, and all the abortions done within this project were successful. They also presented the new Clinical Guideline, which provides a detailed definition of the medical abortion method in the first and second trimester. Dr Avalyan mentioned that the Maternity Hospital of Vanadzor is able to provide any kind of medical aid to pregnant women and the hospital has all the appropriate guidelines and materials to deliver medical abortion. He also presented the situation in Kotayk Marz. He focused attention on the national ideology of having a lot of children and called attention to the fact that even one child is essential for Armenian people. He said that they have all the specialists, guidelines and required resources to provide reproductive health in their region. He also presented the possible ways of pregnancy termination and mentioned that they also provide medical termination of pregnancy.

The doctors mentioned that women should regulate their reproductive health in order to have their desired number of children. To close the programme, the doctors noted that, nowadays, young couples are more attentive at their reproductive and sexual health than was true in the past. They encouraged women to protect their reproductive and sexual health and rights and they urged that in case of terminating a pregnancy to choose a safe abortion method.

Source: ASTRA Network CEE Bulletin on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, No.10 (147) 2015 and