ARMENIA – International Safe Abortion Day and Breast Cancer Awareness Month initiatives

On September 28 and during the following weeks, the Women’s
Resource Center started a social media campaign for raising awareness on
abortion issues and talked about the problems Armenian women face when it comes
to taking care of their reproductive health. While we had encouraging comments
and response from our mainly female audience, unfortunately, there were
anti-abortion and anti-choice reactions as well. In October, which is the month
of Breast Cancer Awareness, we also tried to raise awareness of the fact that
abortions do not lead to or increase the risk of breast cancer. We created a Facebook
and post
in Armenian, talking about how safe abortions save lives and stressed the importance
of a woman’s right to choose.

SOURCE: Women’s Resource Center, Astra Bulletin on Sexual
and Reproductive Health and Rights; No. 9(188), 2019