AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL calls attention to human rights violations for 28 Sept

For the Day of Action on 28 Sept, Amnesty International affirmed that: “Every woman and girl has the right to make decisions regarding her body, health, education, sexuality and reproductive life without fear of coercion, criminalization or discrimination by their religious organization, government, community, or family.”

Amnesty activists and partners across the world called attention to the human rights violations happening in Ireland and El Salvador through My Body My Rights, Amnesty’s global campaign focused on sexual and reproductive rights. Kaitlyn Denzler, the Women’s Rights Campaigner at Amnesty International USA, explained that the campaign is designed to educate women and girls so that they know: “Everyone has the right to make decisions about their own health, body, sexuality, and reproductive life, and that we have the right to do so without fear, coercion, criminalization, or discrimination. Ultimately, the aim of the campaign is to stop the control and criminalization of sexuality and reproduction by governments and others… The role of education and equitable access to services and information cannot be trivialized when we’re talking about sexual and reproductive rights. Everyone has the right, protected under international law, to comprehensive information about sexual and reproductive health. When this right is denied, individuals are often unable to protect their health and make informed decisions about sexuality and reproduction. Access to comprehensive sexuality education is directly connected to reducing adolescent pregnancies, unwanted pregnancies, and unsafe abortions.”

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