Abortion Information Hotlines

All the hotlines listed below provide free, safe and reliable information about unwanted pregnancy, abortion and post-abortion care, and many also provide information about contraception and emergency contraception.

Please contact us if you know of a hotline number that is not listed here – it may save a woman’s life.

Hotline volunteers have been trained and provide accurate information from reliable sources in confidence, especially the World Health Organization.  They are aware of national laws and policies, and the situation for services. They can advise women on how to use medical abortion pills safely, and how to seek help if it is needed.

Last update: January 2021


Aunty Jane Hotline Kenya

A hotline which provides reliable, safe and confidential information to save women’s lives.

Contact details:

0800 721530 – TOLL FREE

(+254) 753 700352

(+254) 756 512512

Nena Na Binti

Nena Na Binti (Speak Up)’s Reproductive Health Network Kenya information hotline for counselling and referral of women and girls in Kenya to trained, youth-friendly, safe abortion providers across the country. It operates 24 hours a day.

Contact details:

Local phone number: 0775533117



Twitter: @NenaNaBinti

Facebook: Nena Na Binti Hotline


Aunty Jane Hotline Malawi

An Interactive Voice Response system, meaning women and girls can access information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in English and Chichewa.

Contact details:


0884773310 (text)



Ms Rosy Hotline

Provided by Generation Initiative for Women and Youth Network (GIWYN), providing information about women’s reproductive health and rights in English, Igbo, and Yoruba Languages.

Contact details:

+ 1( 855)-553-1550   24 hrs

Email: giwyn@yahoo.com | aamaghiro@yahoo.com

Website: http://giwynn.org/ms-rosy-hotline/

Facebook: link


Hotline Shangazi shani

Contact details:



Aunt KAKI SRHR Toll free helpline

Contact details:

Office line: +256 039 3208842

Tollfree lines: +256 0800247247 and +256 0800 347347

Email: coherinet@gmail.com or info@coherinetug.org

Website: https://www.coherinetug.org

Days /hours open: Monday – Sunday – 24 hours a day


Aunty Tasha

Aunty Tasha is an e-service platform aimed at providing comprehensive information on sexual reproductive health and rights. Aunty Tasha provides information on comprehensive abortion care, HIV, STI’s, contraceptives, and more.

Contact details: 

+260 970 283 636

Email: auntytashahotline @ gmail.com

Facebook: link

Instagram: @auntytashahotline

Twitter: @Aunty_Tasha



Katswe Sistahood

Contact details:

(+263) 0772978880

Email: katswesistahood@gmail.com


Bangladesh Safe Abortion Hotline “Naribandhob”

Provides safe and scientific information on how a woman can use the life-saving drug misoprostol for safe menstrual regulation

Contact details:



Hidden Pockets / Careline

A WhatsApp based helpline for abortion care. Counselling is available in Hindi, English and Malayalam, and is valuable for women who need help but cannot openly talk about their unwanted pregnancies.

Contact details:

+91 88617 13567 (WhatsApp)


Indonesia Safe Abortion Helpline Hotline

Open Monday to Friday, from 10 am until 6 pm, Indonesian Times (GMT+7). If texting the hotline, a counselor will call women for counselling.

Contact details:





Fill the counselling form anytime and a counsellor will get in touch during service hours: bit.ly/FormKonselingOnline

Email: The Hotline  can be contacted at anytime by email at samsara.konseling@protonmail.com

Website: www.askinna.com


Malaysia Safe Abortion Hotline 

Contact details:

Anda dapat menghubungi hotline untuk memulai konseling di nomer berikut ini:


Senin – Jumat Pkl 13.00 – 21.00 WIB

Atau mengirimkan email ke alamat berikut ini

Website: www.rraam.org


Wake up Call International

Urdu, Punjabi; 24/7 information hotline

Contact details: 0307494 07 07

Peace Foundation  

Urdu, Sindhi; 24/7 information hotline

Contact details: 0315917 04 08

Aware Girls  

Urdu, Pushto; 24/7 information hotline

Contact details: +92 315 917 04 08

Peace Foundation, Pakistan – Suhaili Hot Line

in Urdu and Sindh; working hours  9 AM to 5 PM

Contact details: 00923159473399

Email: p_foundation@yahoo.com

Website: www.peacepak.org

Social media: Facebook | Twitter

Skype: peace.foundation1


Thailand Safe Abortion Hotline ศูนย์รับปรึกษาปัญหาท้องไม่พร้อม

Contact details:

083 99 44 212 8 โมงถึง 10 โมงเช้า

089 006 3948 บ่ายโมงครึ่งสี่โมงครึ่งทุกวัน

084 46 34 647 จันทร์อังคารเวลา 6 โมงเย็น – 4 ทุ่ม

086 517 0544 6 โมงเย็นถึงสามทุ่ม วันพุธศุกร์

Email: mychoice4mylife@gmail.com

Website: https://www.tamtang.wordpress.com


Ciocia Basia

Provides support for women who want to come to Berlin to have an abortion; contact and appointments with confidential, non-judgemental counsellors and medical professionals who offer the abortion pill and surgical abortion for a fee. Help with the translation into and from Polish; free accommodation in volunteer homes in Berlin if needed

Contact details: 00-49 15210385680

Email: ciocia.basia@riseup.net

Facebook: link


Poland Safe Abortion Hotline

Contact details:

Monday to Friday between 08:00 – 20:00: + 48  22 29 22 597

(0048) 725 892 134 (Plus)

(0048) 503 937 745 (Orange)

(0048) 730 861 724 (Play)


British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS)

A free, confidential telephone helpline for women living in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man who have obtained abortion pills from Women Help Women (WHW) and Women on Web (WOW). Line open 24 hours a day

Contact details:

Ireland tel: 1-800-910-049

Northern Ireland and Isle of Man tel: 0-800-077-6049


Argentina  Socorristas en Red

Argentina Safe Abortion Hotline

Contact details:

(011) 156 664 7070

Website: http://informacionaborto.blogspot.nl/ |  http://www.abortoconpastillas.info/


Por la vida de las mujeres

Contact details:

775-08219 (Monday to Friday, 7 – 11 pm) Spanish only

Email: cuerpa.autonoma@riseup.net English and Spanish spoken

Facebook: link

Instagram: cuerpa_autonoma

Abortion Diverso

Manodiversa’s hotline Abortion Diverso is aimed at bisexual, lesbian and trans men, focused on abortion care information for this population. It provides support and information services for safe abortion, also giving guidance for access to legal termination of pregnancy. Opening time: 17:00  to 21:00, Monday to Friday

Contact details:

+591 77391901 (call and WhatsApp number)


Chile Safe Abortion Hotline “Linea Aborto Libre”

Actualmente contamos con Centros de Atención Presenciales en las ciudades de Iquique y Santiago.

Contact details:



Fundación Orientame has a national Hotline operating in Colombia in which we have access through phone or chat operating 7/24 and providing information and referrals to services at the clinic for sexual and reproductive health services including safe and legal abortion.

Contact details: 018000182182  24 hours / 7 days

Email: emarulanda@orientame.org.co 

Website: www.orientame.org.co

Facebook: link

Twitter: link

Dominican Republic

República Dominica – Info sobre Aborte Seguro

Contact details:

829 424 3391

Facebook: link


Ecuador Safe Abortion Hotline

Somos jóvenes que luchamos para que las decisiones de todas las mujeres se respeten y se garanticen independientemente de lo que digan las leyes y las sociedades. Luchamos por un mundo más justo, digno y equitativo, que permita el ejercicio de la autonomía y soberanía en el cuerpo de cada persona.

Contact details:



Linea de Información sobre Aborto

Contact details:

9439 6384



Si necesitas apoyo para interrumpir tu embarazo o recibir mayor información sobre cualquier tema relativo a la sexualidad, embarazo y métodos anticonceptivos en el Distrito Federal, acércate a Fondo MARIA.

Contact details:


Email: maria.balance@gmail.com

Website: http://fondomaria.org/

Facebook: link

Twitter: link


Línea Aborto Información Segura – Perú

La Línea Aborto Información Segura es un proyecto gestionado desde la Colectiva por la Libre Información para las mujeres, una colectiva feminista peruana autónoma. El objetivo de la Línea es brindar información sobre aborto y misoprostol.

Contact details:

Mondays:+51-994-579-182, from 7 pm – 10 pm

Tuesdays: +51-998-098-540, from 9:30 pm -12:30 am

Wednesdays: +51-951-612-663, from 7 pm – 10 pm

Fridays: +51-942-544-473, from 6 pm – 9 pm


Uruguay Safe Abortion Hotline – Línea Aborto – Información segura

La “Línea Aborto – Información Segura” es gratuita, confidencial y atendida por mujeres. Brindamos información, orientación y contención a mujeres que transitan un embarazo no deseado/planificado.

Contact details:

0800 8843 8843


Venezuela Safe Abortion Hotline : Linea Aborto Información Segura

Contact details:

0426 116-94-96


Morocco Safe Abortion Hotline

Contact details:

06 45 36 78 79

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mali.Womenonwaves/