INDIA – Abortion law reform passes lower house of Indian parliament

The Government of India passed the Medical Termination of Pregnancy amendment bill on 17 March 2020 in the lower house of India’s parliament. A report of the statements made by members reveals hopes for this law reform that are highly unlikely because of the limited changes it permits, for example: “The Bill will bring about socio-economic change and give a woman reproductive rights,” said Dr Shrikant Eknath Shinde (Shiv Sena). Chandeshwar Prasad (JD(U)) said, “The Bill … Continued

ITALY – Inside Italian public hospitals, a US-linked anti-abortion network is ‘humiliating’ women

An Italian federation of anti-abortion activists, linked to the US religious right, is “infiltrating” hospitals to stop abortions. Francesca Visser of Open Democracy saw them in action at the San Pio Hospital in Benevento.  In 2017, the entire Benevento province was briefly left with no abortion provider after the only non-objector at the San Pio hospital retired. Today abortion services are available only two days a week. On each of those days, every week, another … Continued

ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA – The easily accessible abortion pill

“It’s like going to the shop to buy an item,” was how one woman described the ease of getting the abortion pill at pharmacies in Antigua and Barbuda. “I was surprised at how normal it was to get this pill,” said another. In the midst of the current debate in the country surrounding the controversial and, sometimes, taboo issue of abortion, OBSERVER media decided to mount its own investigation by visiting pharmacies to see to … Continued

POLAND – Polish anti-LGBT zones growing in power

In recent months, around 93 local councils in around 14 districts in Poland have adopted anti-LGBTI statements or resolutions. These resolutions are incompatible with the Polish Constitution and basic standards in the international human rights law that Poland has undertaken to respect. The language is scandalous: the resolutions speak of “stopping gender and LGBT ideology”, “aggressive homosexual propaganda”, “stopping homo-terror and sexualisation of social life”. These resolutions drive fear, contempt and hate towards LGBTI persons. … Continued


To relaunch our blog, Camila Ochoa Mendoza, member of YouAct and Committee Member of the Campaign’s Young Activist Network for Abortion Advocacy (YANAA), has written a blog post reporting on the highlights and her lasting impressions of the conference “Trans Pregnancy: Fertility, Reproduction and Body Autonomy” held in January in Leeds, UK.

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