a6107424-9a4a-4754-a3f2-c45800b6e374USA: National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF)

The National Network of Abortion Funds has members in most states in the USA. Their members are grassroots abortion funds who are working to help women in their communities. They believe women deserve justice and do all they can to make abortion accessible, one woman at a time. They say:

Why fund abortion now?

Because the right to abortion is meaningless if you don’t have the resources to pay.

In response to drastic limits on abortion access resulting from last summer’s disastrous bills in Texas, abortion funds on the ground mobilized immediately. This ongoing crisis has actually produced new abortion funds, including practical support networks that help with travel, shelter, and other logistics. We have been working closely with people in affected areas to help these emerging funds coordinate efforts, and we’ve offered assistance in multiple ways so that as clinics close, barriers multiply, and expenses increase far beyond what is feasible, volunteers and agencies are prepared to direct women to resources.

But even as abortion fund activists work to meet the needs of women traveling ever farther distances to get an abortion in Texas, a wave of copycat restrictions is rolling over neighboring states, threatening to close most of the few remaining clinics in neighboring states.

This is why we’ve been working with activists in these states to bolster their efforts and strengthen a network of access across a broad swath of the American south. 

SOURCE: www.fundabortionnow.org

24efe5df-5c0c-41bb-b400-6eef562f93c0MEXICO: FONDO MARIA (MARIA Abortion Fund for Social Justice) 

In 2007, Mexico City became the exception by decriminalizing abortion up to 12 weeks of gestation. Abortion in most Mexican states is an issue of a failure of social justice, since wealthy women can pay for private providers or travel to Mexico City or outside of the country while poor women are forced to risk their health and lives in back-alley abortions. The MARIA Abortion Fund for Social Justice was founded in 2009 by the Mexican organization Balance Promocion para el Desarrollo y Juventud in order to help precisely these women.

Balance is a progressive feminist organization that seeks to influence public policies and programmes on sexual and reproductive rights, with an emphasis on women and young people, through promoting citizenship and participatory leadership, with arguments based in evidence.

MARIA’s objectives are to increase awareness about women’s right to legal abortion, and to strengthen solidarity among people to believe in and defend women’s right to a safe and legal abortion.

 The MARIA Fund has supported more than 750 Mexican women since May 2009.

SOURCE: www.fundabortionnow.org/funds/maria-fondo-de-aborto-y-justicia-social

and http://www.redbalance.org/maria/

2016-05-30_16-25-17UK: Abortion Support Network (ASN)

ASN provides financial assistance and accommodation to women travelling from the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Funding is available on a case by case basis depending on financial need and availability of funding. We also provide confidential, non-judgmental information to anyone who contacts us via phone or email who is seeking information about travelling to England for an abortion, as well as information about reputable providers of early medical abortion pills by post.

This week, ASN heard from our 2,000th person seeking our mix of confidential, practical advice, financial support and accommodation. Our ability to help these women, men and families to choose when to have children or add to their existing families is only made possible by our supporters. Whether you’ve donated a fiver or more, forwarded one of our newsletters to a friend, talked about abortion down at the pub, opened your home to an abortion traveller, sent a message of support, engaged in a little civil disobedience, or mentioned us on Twitter, you are the driving force behind ASN’s ability to do this vital work. We are so grateful for each and every one of you!   

What our work means

This month we received e-mails from two women, one a former ASN client and one a supporter. Messages like this are what keep us going:. 
“It’s been a long time since I’ve spoken to you. In case you don’t remember who I am you had helped me back in 2011. I’m in a much better place since back then and cannot thank you enough for the help you provided for me.

FROM: ASN News, May 2015

3adf1d98-f74e-4286-95fa-6e81bca3ce88GERMANY: Ciocia Basia

Ciocia Basia reaches out and assists Polish women to access a safe abortion in Berlin. 

Ciocia Basia is an activist group created to support women who want to come to Berlin to have an abortion. We facilitate contact and appointments with confidential, non-judgemental counsellors and medical professionals who offer the abortion pill for 150 E and the surgical abortion for 170 E. We also help with the translation into and from Polish. We try to reduce the amount of time you have to stay in Berlin for the procedure to only one day. We can provide free accommodation in volunteer homes in Berlin if needed. We do not profit financially from our activism!  

Dream project:

We hope that in the future, we can also assist women with financial support for travel and the procedure and to become a similar structure like other abortion funds.

SOURCE: http://womenhelp.org/en/page/405/ciocia-basia