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FEATURE: Abortion stories: making women’s lives visible USA, UK, Ireland, Pakistan

USA Pregnant against their will, with few options, and fearing for their lives and safety "I'm in the family way again, and I'm nearly crazy, for when my husband finds out that I'm going to have another baby, he will ...

Incarceration and exposure to internally displaced persons camps associated with reproductive rights abuses among sex workers in northern Uganda

While female sex workers (FSWs) face a high burden of violence and criminalisation, coupled with low access to safe, non-coercive care, little is known about such experiences among FSWs in conflict-affected settings, particularly as they relate to sexual and reproductive ...

Abortion incidence and unintended pregnancy in Nepal

Although abortion has been legal under broad criteria in Nepal since 2002, a significant proportion of women continue to obtain illegal, unsafe abortions, and no national estimates exist of the incidence of safe and unsafe abortions ...

Editorial: Another kind of Zika public health emergency

A year after WHO declared the Zika virus epidemic a public health emergency, Director-General Margaret Chan has reflected on the rightness of that decision. However, she misses the opportunity to urge and specify international attention, research, and resources for the ...

Shaping stigma: An analysis of mainstream print and online news coverage of abortion 2014-2015 in USA

In this Issue, Berkeley Media Studies group partnered with the Sea Change Program to explore how abortion stigma appears in mainstream print and online news and to consider the implications of these portrayals for reproductive health, rights and justice advocates ...

Two videos about abortion in Argentina, in Spanish with Portuguese subtitles

The first video describes what the two recommended methods are of abortion, what the law allows in Argentina with a liberal interpretation, how the two methods work and how simple and safe they are. The second records testimonies of many ...

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