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We are a network of over 1200 international, regional and national organizations, groups and individuals in 117 countries who support safe abortion as a woman’s right on both public health and human rights grounds.

The overarching aim of the Campaign is the promotion of advocacy for the right to safe abortion.

Our primary goals are to contribute towards a decrease in maternal mortality from unsafe abortion and an increase in women’s ability to decide whether and when to have children.

We aim to do this through:

  • Bringing together organizations with an interest in promoting and providing safe abortion to create a shared platform for advocacy, debate and dialogue;
  • Sharing and disseminating evidence-based information that can inform policy and programmes;
  • Fostering the sharing of experience of efforts by Campaign members and others to improve policy and practice at all levels;
  • Holding relevant stakeholders to account for respecting, protecting and promoting the human rights of girls and women.


Abortion on three grounds: lack of preparedness and ineffectiveness of the State in their handling of women’s rights

As we reported in Campaign news on Wednesday, 18 July, repeated in our newsletter earlier today, on Tuesday night the last Committee in the Chilean congress passed the abortion bill with all three grounds for abortion intact. On Wednesday, it was ...

UN experts call for resistance as battle over women’s rights intensifies

A group of UN independent experts* has warned that women’s rights are facing an alarming backlash in many parts of the world. They said that it is critically important to press on with further setting of standards on gender equality, ...

Canada commits $241.5 million to critical sexual reproductive health services

On Tuesday 11 July 2017 Canada committed to spend up to $241.5 million to support projects that will provide “critical sexual and reproductive health services,” filling some of the void left behind by the Trump administration. International Development Minister Marie-Claude ...

Sweden to cut aid to groups applying Trump abortion ban

A Swedish government agency on Tuesday threatened to cut aid to NGOs which have suspended abortion services over fears of losing US funding due to a decree signed by President Donald Trump. The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), which ...

Ghana: Address adolescent reproductive health

The First Lady of Ghana, Mrs Rebecca Akufo-Addo, called for a concerted effort by family, community, educationists, health professionals and religious leaders in Africa to address adolescent reproductive health in Africa. She made the call at the 19th General Assembly ...

Oregon state protects reproductive health care while Trump eliminates $213.6million for teen pregnancy prevention

As the Trump administration and congressional Republicans wage a campaign to eradicate no-cost birth control coverage and health care for millions, Oregon is moving in the opposite direction with sweeping reproductive health-care legislation. A bill heading to Democratic Gov. Kate ...

Campaign members

  • Emily’s List, Australia
  • Children by Choice, Australia
  • Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand (ALRANZ)
  • Women’s Medical Fund, USA
  • Society of Family Planning, USA
  • Population Services International
  • DKT International
  • American Civil Liberties Union, USA
  • National Advocates for Pregnant Women, USA
  • National Abortion Federation, Canada
  • Women’s Refugee Commission
  • Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights
  • Medical Students for Choice, USA
  • Marie Stopes International
  • International Planned Parenthood Federation
  • Ipas
  • Gynuity Health Projects, USA
  • Women Help Women
  • Center for Reproductive Rights
  • Pathfinder International
  • Catholics for Choice, USA
  • Planned Parenthood Federation of America
  • Ibis Reproductive Health, USA
  • Allentown Women’s Center, USA
  • Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada
  • International Women’s Health Coalition
  • Global Doctors for Choice
  • Safe2Choose
  • Women on Web, Netherlands
  • Women on Waves, Netherlands
  • Population Connection, USA
  • Colectivo Salud Mujeres, Ecuador
  • Fundación para Estudio e Investigación de la Mujer, Argentina
  • Fundación Desafio, Ecuador
  • Coletivo Feminino Plural, Brazil
  • Aspire, Trinidad & Tobago
  • ABIAIDS, Brazil
  • Centro de Promoción y Defensa de los Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos, Peru
  • Orientame, Colombia
  • Centro de la Mujer Peruana Flora Tristán, Peru
  • Católicas pelo Direito de Decidir, Brazil
  • Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir, Peru
  • La Mesa por la Vida y la Salud de las Mujeres, Colombia
  • Latin American Consortium Against Unsafe Abortion (CLACAI)
  • Mujer y Salud en Uruguay
  • Fondo Maria, Mexico
  • Centro Ecuatoriano para la Promoción y Acción de la Mujer Ecuador
  • Promsex, Peru
  • Centro de Estudios de Estado y Sociedad, Argentina
  • Fundacion Sendas, Ecuador
  • Campaña 28 de Septiembre, Latin America and Caribbean
  • LUNA, Belgium
  • Care International, UK
  • Mouvement français pour le planning familial (MFPF), France
  • Groupe d’Action des Centres Extrahospitaliers Pratiquant l’Avortement Belgium
  • Casa Klinieken, Netherlands
  • Reproductive Health Matters
  • Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp, Belgium
  • FOKUS: Forum for Women and Development, Norway
  • Federación de Planificación Familiar Estatal, Spain
  • Association de professionnels de l’avortement et de la contraception Switzerland
  • Abortion Support Network, UK
  • Osez le feminisme
  • Abortion Rights Campaign, Ireland
  • European Free Alliance Youth
  • Polish Federation for Women and Family Planning, Poland
  • Eastern European Alliance for Reproductive Choice
  • ASTRA Central and Eastern European Women’s Network for Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Health
  • Women’s Rights Center, Armenia
  • Reproductive Health Training Center, Moldova
  • Centrul Filia, Romania
  • Russian Association for Population and Development
  • Women for Women’s Human Rights, Turkey
  • Women’s Centre for Change, Malaysia
  • Empower, Malaysia
  • Sisters in Islam, Malaysia
  • Philippine Safe Abortion Advocacy Network
  • Nirantar, India
  • Centre for Health Education, Training and Nutrition Awareness india
  • All Women’s Action Society, Malaysia
  • Youth Advocacy Network, Pakistan
  • Wake-Up Call International, Pakistan
  • Peace Foundation, Pakistan
  • Institute for Reproductive and Family Health, Viet Nam
  • Federation of Reproductive Health Associations Malaysia
  • Center for Creative Initiatives in Health and Population, Viet Nam
  • European NGOS for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Population and Development
  • Chanan Development Association, Pakistan
  • Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning, Advocacy Group, Japan
  • Aware Girls, Pakistan
  • Reproductive Rights Advocacy Alliance Malaysia
  • Socio-Economic Development Association, India
  • Krityanand UNESCO Club Jamshedpur, India
  • IPPF South Asia Region
  • Gramin Evam Nagar Vika Parishad, India
  • Center for Research on Environment, Health and Population Activities, Nepal
  • Asia Safe Abortion Partnership (ASAP)
  • Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights Foundation of Thailand
  • Family Planning Association Nepal
  • Sangkalpa Trust Bangladesh
  • Family Planning Association of Bangladesh
  • Reproductive Health Services Training and Education Program, Bangladesh
  • Community Life Bangladesh
  • The YP Foundation, India
  • Naripokkho Bangladesh
  • Bangladesh Model Youth Parliament
  • Creating Resources for Empowerment in Action India
  • Socio-economic Development Association India
  • Kisumu Medical and Education Trust Kenya
  • Youth Partnership for Peace and Development, Sierra Leone
  • National Nurses Association of Kenya
  • Mahibere Hiwot – MSD, Ethiopia
  • Centre for Youth and Development, Malawi
  • Centre for Girls & Interaction, Malawi
  • African Youth Safe Abortion Alliance
  • African Women’s Development and Communication Network FEMNET
  • Gender Development Initiative Nigeria
  • Generation Initiative for Women and Youth Network Nigeria
  • Association Rwandaise pour le Bien-Etre Familial, Rwanda
  • Great Lakes Initiative for Human Rights and Development, Rwanda
  • Youth Partnership for Peace and Development, Sierra Leone
  • Health for all Coalition Sierra Leone
  • Civil Society Network on Climate Change Sierra Leone
  • Kigoma Vijana Development Association Tanzania
  • Future for Marginalised Community Tanzania
  • Women’s Promotion Centre Tanzania
  • The Community Health Rights Network Uganda
  • Center for Health Human Rights & Development Uganda
  • Concept Foundation Zambia
  • African Network for Medical Abortion, Kenya
  • Centre for Health Human Rights and Development Uganda
  • Botswana Family Welfare Association
  • Nurses Association of Bostwana
  • Solidarite des femmes burundaises pour la lutte contre le sida et le paludisme au Burundi
  • Women for a Change, Cameroon
  • Action pour la Lutte Contre l’Ignorance du Sida, DR Congo
  • Sisters’ Self Help, Ethiopia
  • Mabia Ghana
  • SAVE Ghana
  • Global Media Foundation, Ghana
  • African Network on Medical Abortion, Kenya
  • Minority Women in Action, Kenya
  • National Nurses Association of Kenya
  • Kisumu Medical and Education Trust, Kenya
  • Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa, Kenya
  • Trust for Indigenous Culture and Health, Kenya
  • Dandelion Africa, Kenya
  • Aunty Jane Hotline Kenya
  • Family Health Options Kenya
  • Kenya Association for Maternal & Neonatal Health
  • Centre for Girls and Interaction, Malawai
  • Centre for Youth and Development, Malawi
  • African Youth Safe Abortion Alliance, Malawi
  • Associacao moçambicana para o desenvolvimento da familia
  • Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria