International Campaign Statement Safe abortion and the post-2015 agenda

June 23-1

The statement "Safe abortion and the post-2015 agenda" was written following the 47th Commission on Population and Development' Outcome resolution. It should be used for advocacy for the right to safe abortion and for wide dissemination to NGOs and women's groups and to key players at national, regional and global level, who are involved in developing the ICPD Beyond 20 and the post-2015 agenda and the sustainability development goals.

Below you will find a PDF of the full statement, a PDF of the 248 signatories to the statement and a PDF containing both. The statement and signatories should be circulated together but you may also find it useful to have the separate PDFs as well.

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May 28 International Day of Action for Women's Health

May 29-1


Many women’s rights activists around the world joined in the re-launch of May 28th International Day of Action for Women’s Health.

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We are now 371 organizations and 706 individuals who endorsed the International Campaign!

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Abortion in the criminal law: exposing the role of health professionals, the police, the courts and imprisonment internationally

Read the full report here: English, Arabic, French, Russian

Please revisit the report “Abortion in the criminal law: exposing the role of health professionals, the police, the courts and imprisonment internationally”, agreed upon by the Campaign Advisory Group as a special focus for 28 September 2013, to expose the role that criminal law, police, courts, prisons and some health care providers have in restricting both women's ability to access safe abortion services and health professionals' ability to provide such services globally.

The report summarises existing research and also includes what has emerged in the media from many countries to date. The Campaign members who contributed information for this report have uncovered many existing cases and are also actively involved in working for the release of women and abortion providers from prison and for abortion law reform. The report is intended to serve as an inspiration to others to do similar research and especially to take action against the many punitive ways women who have had abortions and bona fide abortion providers are being treated. It contains a Call for Action and in particular to challenge punitive laws in their countries and call for abortion to be decriminalized.

ICMA coordinates the International Campaign for Women's Right to Safe Abortion