1. WOMEN’S MARCH GLOBAL: March for our human rights, 18 January 2020

This year’s marches took place in 45 countries. See their website and Twitter pages for photos and reports. Here’s a great example in a video from Zambia.


2. USA: 22 JANUARY 2020

Activists across the country honour 47 years of Roe v. Wade amid pending threats

22 January 2020 marks the 27th anniversary of the US Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, ending the criminalisation of abortion nationally in the US. In 1973, no one foresaw the extent of the threats at state level that have emerged. A new case will come before the Court in March this year, posing a serious threat because of the changed balance of opinion among the judges.

The following blog lists the events being planned around the country. There are a wide range of events in at least 20 states plus the capital. A number of national reproductive rights organisations are holding events as well. Many of the events are imbued with anxiety about the future, while taking care to honour the work of local activists and abortion providers past and present. All in all, activists are sending the message that they aren’t giving up, and are intent on finding new strategies for sustaining reproductive freedom. From “Wild About Our Rights” in Arizona to a “A Vision for Our Future” in Texas, “Abortion is Normal Art Show” in New York, and “March for Choice” in Indiana, people are recommitting to securing bodily autonomy and abortion rights, no matter what comes down the road.

Words of Choice Blogspot, compiled by Cindy Cooper