SOLIDARITY REQUEST: MOROCCO – Moroccan journalist arrested for abortion and sex outside marriage

Hajar Raissouni, a Moroccan journalist, age 28, was arrested by six undercover officers along with her fiancé leaving a gynaecologists’ office on 31 August after being accused of “sex outside marriage” and “consenting to have an abortion”, according to Amnesty MENA region. Other media reported she was accused of actually having had an “illegal abortion”, which both she and the doctor deny. The doctor and two of his staff, and anaesthetist and medical assistant who … Continued

Appeal court to decide whether to release Evelyn Beatriz, one of “Las 17”

“Las 17” are women in prison in El Salvador who had a miscarriage or a stillbirth but were sent to prison for illegal abortion and even for aggravated homicide in trials where the evidence base was very compromised. In a press release on 23 June, the Agrupacion de Ciudadana reported that the appeal against a sentence of aggravated homicide by one of the women, Evelyn Beatriz, would be heard in the Central Court of Cojutepeque … Continued

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