TEXAS, USA – Reducing under-reporting of stigmatized pregnancy outcomes: results from a mixed-methods study of self-managed abortion in Texas using the list-experiment method

Accurately measuring stigmatized experiences is a challenge across reproductive health research. In this study, we tested a novel method – the list experiment – that aims to reduce under-reporting of sensitive events by asking participants to report how many of a list of experiences they have had, not which ones. We applied the list experiment to measure “self-managed abortion”

INDIA – 75% of abortions take place without the support or involvement of health facilities

  More than 75% of the 15.6 million abortions in India annually are estimated to take place without the support or involvement of health facilities and about 5-7% of abortions that take place outside licensed facilities are carried out using methods that may be dangerous. One doctor reports that use of “insertion of sticks and roots, ingestion of herbal medicines, abortifacient drugs, abdominal massage and incomplete D&Cs in unhygienic conditions” to cause abortions still happens … Continued

The problem with personal ‘confessionals’ when it comes to sexually transmitted infections in the U.S.

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The STI confessional is more than a first-hand account. It’s a disclosure of the unusual, unwanted, or unexpected. The confessional is uniquely personal, yet its details are vastly secondary to its central point, which is that the author has an STI. Even though this fate awaits most sexually active people in the United States at some point in their lives, the confessional continues to be recycled, as if being STI-positive is shocking.

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