BRAZIL – A feminist robot on Facebook

Perhaps the most creative and innovative response to the various rollbacks on women’s reproductive rights in recent times in Brazil has been Beta, a feminist robot on Facebook, created by Nossas, a national network of citizens’ rights organisations across Brazil. Before Beta was even formally launched on Facebook, “she” organically accumulated 10,000 likes through word of mouth and peer recommendations. Beta works through the Facebook inbox function, and informs everybody who agrees to receive her … Continued

The problem with personal ‘confessionals’ when it comes to sexually transmitted infections in the U.S.

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The STI confessional is more than a first-hand account. It’s a disclosure of the unusual, unwanted, or unexpected. The confessional is uniquely personal, yet its details are vastly secondary to its central point, which is that the author has an STI. Even though this fate awaits most sexually active people in the United States at some point in their lives, the confessional continues to be recycled, as if being STI-positive is shocking.

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